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PROfection Carpet Cleaning Services Steam Cleaning Process

Step 1.
Pre-inspection of areas that require cleaning, signifying problem stains and other defects. We assess any problem stains and identify the best possible cleaning process to ensure furniture is not damaged.

Step 2.
We will use extreme caution when moving your furniture.

Step 3.
All our Carpet Cleaning technicians pre-vacuum carpet using an industrial vacuum cleaner with a power brush to remove dry soils from the carpet.

Step 4.
A pre-spray is applied to carpets and spot clean stains and problem areas signified in step one. Using a wide range of specialised non-toxic stain removers we treat each individual stain mandatory for the stain and carpet type.  Although PROfection Carpet Cleaning Services doesn’t guarantee all stains can be removed, we do guarantee that no other company will be able to remove them either.

Step 5.
Carpet is agitated. This process agitates the carpet to separate soil and assist with stain removal.

Step 6.
Further Stain Treatment if required.

Step 7.
Powerful hot water extraction of Carpets using our high tech machines delivering higher heat and more vacuum resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets.

Step 8.
On completion, we reinstate your furniture.

Step 9.
Our technicians will groom your carpet to reset carpet pile which in turn reduces the drying time and maximises appearance.

Upholstery Cleaning/Car Interiors

Neglecting your upholstery can lead to fabric deterioration and unnecessary wear & tear, so protect your upholstery and have yours cleaning by PROfection Carpet Cleaning Services today.  We steam clean your upholstery according to the fabric instructions or can advise on the best methods to clean it upon inspection.

Our Upholstery/Car Interior Cleaning Process

Step 1.
A pre-inspection is required to determine fabric type, problem stains and professional advice.

Step 2.

Vacuum upholstery using an industrial vacuum to remove excess soils

Step 3.

Attend to those problem stains using a wide range of specialised no-toxic stain removers. We treat each individual stain mandatory for the stain and upholstery type.

Step 4.

Pre-Clean upholstery.

Step 5.

Agitate upholstery with soft cloth brush.

Step 6.

Steam clean extraction with state of the art machine leaving your upholstery super clean.

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